Life Lesson:  Probably Not Advisable To Scale Up A Log Cabin To a Mansion

There’s no question that I love a good display of ostentation, but I must say that Michael Moore’s lakefront wood pile is the most unappealing “mansion” I have ever seen.

Outside of the established cinematic formula of oilcloth-covered table, cast iron stove, bunk beds and calico curtains hanging on a sagging string, log cabins in general are pretty hard to decorate. They gave it a try here and missed by a mile. The kitchen is especially awful. The only rooms that get a pass from me are a few bedroom that do not have log walls.

But heck, I’m no log cabin expert. If indeed they were trying to preserve to feel of a vacation home on the water and the theme here is I have some random chairs and tables from other places that I can bring over, then they have succeeded. Because that sure is what’s going on there. One can only imagine the newly enriched Moores happily leading a gaggle of bought and paid for interior decorators through the showrooms pouring out a continual stream of “I’ll take one of these and one of these and one of these …” It’s the Michael Jackson syndrome – too much profit at risk to dare tell the celebrity the truth.

Money does not automatically confer good taste. One is born with it or one developers it over time but it doesn’t just show up because you have money to spend.

That being said, I am horrified to realize that both Michael Moore and I aspire to the ranks of the petit bourgeois by means of $20 plastic roll-up shades from Home Depot.

Excuse me, Mr. Moore, but the only saving grace as far as this whole place goes is your excellent good taste in outdoor roll-up shades.

4 thoughts on “Life Lesson:  Probably Not Advisable To Scale Up A Log Cabin To a Mansion”

  1. Totally off topic here, but I have a “mid~century” carved wooden bowl, shaped like a leaf that seems like it is calling your name. I’d part with it for $28, free shipping. If you’re interested, email me, and I’ll send you some pics. (Please forgive me for using your comments as a marketing tool, but you might like this. If not, carry on, as you were!) (Also, I totally wish you could come to Oregon and see my store…you would be my dream customer!)

  2. I like the house itself. Overblown, but it’s at least true to the character of the region. Whoever staged it has horrific taste, though.

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