Life  & Death

I read this thing somewhere that people who take up drinking in midlife have memory problems later on. I’d link it but I can’t remember where I read it.

I wish I was better at math and prognostication than I am so I could figure out if I can retire at 8:00 am ET tomorrow. This job is killing me.

In my husband’s familial medical history, all deaths are anecdotal instead of being linked to a medical reason. Uncle Zaki came for Sunday dinner and then he died. Yvette went on a train to Maadi and then she died. My father died from aggravation after Nasser nationalized private business. My mother’s heart was broken when she was widowed and then she died. My aunt dreamed about her dead mother and then she died.

Suzette was excoriated on 8 consecutive conference calls in 8 hours with the end game being to make the big execs look good and then she died.

I’m  going to start using those big 24 oz iced coffee cups from McDonald’s for my post-work collapse Gin & Dubonnet  application. And then I am going to die.

Or forget why I want to.


16 thoughts on “Life  & Death

  1. Gin and Dubonnet eh? I’ve never tried that probably because I’m a bourbon/rye gal – plus, gin gives me the heebie jeebies, memories of one no good very bad teen night fifty years ago. Even the smell of gin today takes me back to that night of spinning ceilings and a close encounter with porcelain.

    Don’t die until we learn if your lemon tree produces fruit! 🙂 Thank you in advance.

    • I feel much better today although my spirits sink when i realize that my lemon tree might kick off before i do. I did manage to resurrect a seriously abused and dead to all appearances spider plant this week, so maybe all hope is not lost yet.

      • The good news if the lemon tree does die, lemons are 3 for 99c at Shoprite. The tree can become mulch and live on for an eternity! 🙂

        Happy Friday and enjoy a MUCH deserved weekend break

  2. Retire. I retired early 1.5 years ago, I hated the managerial position of my last job. Instantly my BP decreased. I have been blessed with time to pursue my dreams and give back to the community. If you can afford to get out of the rat race, let the rats win, after a certain age the unhappiness will kill you. Quit while you have your health and the desire to live.

  3. You should switch up your cocktail to a Negroni (equal parts, or to taste, Gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth). It’s a bit more of a zing than just Gin and Dubonnet. ALSO…it’s the drink that Marlon Brando’s son said he drank just before murdering someone. So, it’s not only tasty, it’s also a very empowering drink! (Reportedly, he had three Negronis before the shooting started. Your mileage may vary.)

  4. I’m quite fond of the gin & Dubonnet since you brought it up years ago. Alas, I have *broken* my vintage cocktail glasses that I drank the cocktail from and have died.

    • You, me and Queen Elizabeth. I think where you and I might be going wrong is that we do not day drink like she does.

      “The Queen Mother drank it every day – mixed three parts Dubonnet, seven parts gin, with a twist of lemon – and was even known to take a small bottle with her on journeys, ‘just in case.’ The Queen inherited her passion and enjoys a Dubonnet and gin every day before lunch, and reportedly one before bed too.” The Queen’s Favorite Tipple

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