I have got to tell you that I’m really digging Periscope. Really digging it, man. If you don’t already know, this is a social media thing where you broadcast live videos . It’s somehow related to Twitter or Twitter accounts because the broadcasts cross link and appear in your Twitter account.

I’ve been doing what everybody else does: signing up to follow people and waiting for them to broadcast, which only 4% of the people I follow ever do and the rest are duds. So I figured that the massive number of people who follow me (7) are probably thinking that I’m a dud too.

So I started broadcasting. They’ve been fairly mundane – until today that is. Until this morning, they’ve been slice of life kind of things: me picking up some chicken wings and beer for my hotel room dinner, traffic in downtown Denver as seen from an office window, 6 minutes of empty sky while I waited for a plane to pass overhead. But today I broadcast Stedman doing a trick.

If you want to see that, you’d better hurry. The broadcasts only replay for 24 hours and then they go away and I posted this one at about 8:30 Saturday morning.

You need the Periscope app, I guess but it’s a free download.


4 thoughts on “Periscope

  1. I don’t have periscope, but if I click on the Twitter link, I can see the video. But you probably already know this.

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