What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday I was limping though airports, being irritated by no option to change out of my middle seat and feeing sorry for myself that I was inattentive to time zones and agreed to a flight that put me home after 2 am, utterly exhausted and on the verge of losing it altogether.

Today I was pushing, lifting and otherwise hauling 4 chairs at once through Goodwill. I was all like get out of my way I think I see bamboo over there and I know you don’t think you’re going to beat me to it. 

What a day! First, I hightailed it down to Freehold to get first dibs on this $10 beauty I saw on Craigslist:

  From this photo you cannot tell how expansive the thing is nor how comfortable. It’s got the right amount of out of dateness and wear to make it unappealing to porch theives. On the way home from snagging this genuine prize package, I took a pass at Goodwill and what do you suppose I found there? 

Chair a palooza!  I have never seen such a rich chair selection there ever. 

the pink plastic chairs were $3.99 each but all others were $2.99

Faithful readers, I don’t have to point out that those bamboo back chairs are of the same material and design as last week’s bamboo bistro set, do I? I grabbed 2, plus 2 of the brown bentwoods for indoor use next to a small table. Total: 4 chairs for $12.00.

The daughter generally rejects the things that I like so I am so lucky that she is agreeable to letting me junk shop for her.  And frankly, she is lucky to know someone who is a master junkologist. I worry that she will soon reach max capacity for my fabulous finds and Lord knows I am packed to the rafters here and cannot take on one more dish, vase or tablecloth.

I tell you this not to brag or to make you feel bad about your own lack of great junk but rather to inspire you to go forth and seek out your own fabulous finds. Let me know if you need any consultations in your own pursuit of really great cast offs.

4 thoughts on “What A Difference A Day Makes”

  1. I like those red ones, upper right. Very … Jetsons or something. “Daughter Judy … Jane, his wife!” Am I dating myself? I may be in the market for festive plastic chairs for my front lawn soon, so this is useful as a see-what’s-out-there overview. You are a superb shopper. Also, I felt physical pain reading the 2AM thing. Nothing like LAX at 3AM.

  2. I saw the chairs in the upper left on an episode of Big Bang Theory. In Howard’s mothers house. Now I get the whole furnishings as seen on TV thing.

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