The C List

The thing about porches in Philadelphia is that if you put anything out there that looks like it can be stolen and pawned, then it’s going to get stolen and pawned. And so as the people who own the random collection of serviceable but junky wood chairs are moving out of this multi-family buidling, my daughter is making plans to take over the porch decor. And so the junk hunt begins.

A funny thing happened on the way to the junk. We found something fabulous.  unnamedCheck out this perfect bamboo bistro set we found on Craigslist … FOR $25.00! Twen tee five doll ahs. Can you believe that? Of course, compared to the serviceable but junky random chairs in the foreground, it’s highly stealable/pawnable (I guess). My daughter doesn’t seem to be too worried about it because it’s tucked back on a porch that’s a total of 10 steps above street level and rimmed by unruly shrubbery. Even so, I gifted her with a cable type bike lock to lash the table to the rail.

We’re currently awaiting response from a C-lister who is selling 2 bamboo arm chairs complete with cobbled together cushion sets for $20.00 total. The chairs are a good coordinate for the bistro set but the general state of wear is more in keeping with the Philly porch decorating philosophy, which is: if you see something that looks like it should be put on a trash heap, then it’s perfect for a Philly porch. The sellers haven’t returned the message yet so I’m hoping it’s not a case of the merchandise being sold and the ad not taken down yet.

In general, I’ve had really good luck buying great stuff on the cheap from Craigslist but every now and the you run into people who put stuff up for sale and then are not motivated to respond to inquiries. Like the guy with the pageant lamp – remember him?

Anyway, tomorrow I hit the road for 3 trips in 3 weeks so I won’t be around to catch the good deals. I can leave Sami in charge of pursuing this one but think of the lost opportunities while I’m gone! Btw,  this stuff is all  listedin NJ not Philadelphia. Too many porch shoppers in Philly to find anything good on that list. Front porches in NJ wouldn’t be caught dead sporting trash heap decor. Or maybe they would. I don’t know. I live in back deck country.

So Las Vegas, Denver then Baltimore and July will be shot. Don’t get excited because there’s no sequins or other glamour involved in the Vegas trip; no friends around the campfire involved in the Rocky Mountain trip but there is likely to be some excitement in Baltimore if the Freddy Gray cops don’t go to trial.

4 thoughts on “The C List”

  1. I love the back porch as much as I love the bamboo furniture. Looks like such a cool (in both meanings of the word) place for an after-work drink or a Saturday morning with the newspaper.

    Happy trails to you as travel. Bring a cup of water to pour over the Baltimore mayor. One was not enough for her. 🙂

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