More Emails from Hillary

Oh that Hillary! I can see why she’d want to hide the Benghazi emails, but really so many of the “lost” communications are about mundane events. Why would she not produce them when originally asked for?

And so many of them, too! I see the major news outlets and political blogs are picking and choosing which they have decided to highlight so I’d like to make my contribution to that and publish some that I haven’t seen anywhere else around the net today.


And that’s just few of these illuminating missives that give us a real picture of what life inside the world of HRC is really like. Who knows what revelations tomorrow might bring?

2 thoughts on “More Emails from Hillary”

  1. I’m seeing a void in the market niche that is HRC’s forbidden emails. As the wags say, if you don’t put your story out there, a rabid press will publish their version. Of course, in this case the MSM fawns don’t have rabies so we have to stand in. I bet a twittle feed would take off like a 1960’s NASA rocket (not those shabby Muslim outreach models going *BOOM* in the sky these days).

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