Past Trauma

And CAitlin Jenner wasn't even showing off. She seems to be merely galumphing along a street somewhere.

And Caitlin Jenner wasn’t even showing off. She seems to be merely galumphing along a street somewhere.

I’m looking at but not reading an on-line article titled Caitlin Jenner Shows Off Her New Leopard Dress and I’m thinking what a lucky soul this Caitlin Jenner is that she can command the attention of all within her radius by the simple act of wearing a dress.

Is it just me or are you put in mind of that child – usually a great niece or cousin’s child – that comes along with the in-laws in the early stages of getting to know you.  In the awkward pauses that come between strained conversations that start and stop, these little prima donnas can take center stage and give the adults a chance to be together without interacting.

This actually happened to me – when my sister was about to be married, her future mother-in-law brought her step-grandchildren to an informal luncheon. Before the actual lunch food appeared, the ladies were sitting in a comfortable conversation area that was roughly a circle. I was sitting on the floor at the inner edge of the circle. Little Carla was on center stage  – and I swear this is what she was doing – picking out all of the tooth picks from the cheese tray and then passing them out one at a time as she went around the circle. When every body had a toothpick – and I am reconstructing this from the moment I’m going to describe next because at the time I was wholly unaware –  then collecting them again as the adults counted out loud along with her .

I was actually talking to somebody so my head was turned away from the circle and when little Carla stopped in front of me, I heard my mother call my name to get my attention. When I turned back to the group and said what? all of the ladies said at once very excitedlyYour toothpick! She wants your toothpick! so I dropped it on top of the tooth pick pile and that’s when all hell broke loose. No! they all wailed. You just spoiled it! Because of my inattention and lack of laser focus on Little Carla, her budding career as a tooth pick counter had come to an abruptly halt.

And I was made to look like the twit in a room full of birdbrains. Which I deeply resented. I did my best to give them a scornful tsk to let them all know that I did not accept the shameful label of social bad guy, but still it bothered me.

So now whenever I see breathlessly presented  news items about whatever Caitlin Jenner is saying or doing such as showing off her new leopard dress, it reminds me of that afternoon with Little Carla and I amuse myself by imagining that the headline reads Caitlin Jenner Distributes Toothpicks – And Then Collects Them Again! It’s that same intense focus and unadulterated attention on the darling of the moment and woe be to she who fails to properly adulate.

Anyway, everybody grew up and my sister is Facebook friends with Little Carla and kind of likes her which I personally find very annoying.




6 thoughts on “Past Trauma

  1. I already feel a distinct coolness toward Little Carla and I would actually hate Jenner if I gave two hoots about it. I must give more hoots to LC because I’ve met her spiritual twins on many occasions and they all suck the energy and joy out of the room.

  2. I watched the Kardashian’s once, a few years ago. Bruce struck me as an unnecessary accessory surrounded by heavy set women and a couple of tweens. However, when he spoke, he was the only one who was even remotely likeable.
    My memory of him is as the hero of the Montreal Olympics. There he was, gorgeous, talented, and beating the Russians at one of their best events. I can see why life may have seemed a bit downhill from there.. So if I ever have a day when I feel cheated of fame and fortune, not to mention every physical gift Mother Nature can supply, I will think of a plasticized, older man in a wrap dress.
    Seriously, does it get any worse than that ?

  3. It’s the “Look What I Can Do!” syndrome. I had a friend who had a kid like that – she’d drag the little darlin’ to every meeting she attended and he took it as license to make all the adults who were trying to get stuff done (these were meetings after all) his unwilling audience.

    People accuse me of “hating kids.’ I don’t hate kids. I just don’t like my time being wasted by having to be the claque for someone’s spoiled darling.

  4. Doesn’t he still have man knees? See the recently published picture of him in a mini skirt; also an earlier one of him reclining on a sofa.

  5. I understand the whole concept of gender dysphoria, but the inconvenient truth here is that most men who transition don’t make very good-looking women… in fact, most of them — even (or especially) the ones who were good-looking as men — are just plain ugly as women. It kind of amazes me, in our highly appearance-conscious society, that these guys are happier as ugly women than they were as handsome men.

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