She’s Sexy and She’s Strong. 

Three things about Hillary:

  1. It’s already 9:30 on the day after the Supremes imposed federal law on the states legalizing gay marriage. Why am I not seeing a photo of Hillary decked out in rainbow clothing? She’s late. And I don’t want to see any lazy gestures, either. No rainbow scarf flung over that baggy navy blue jacket, no rainbow sun hat while strolling on the beach. I will accept a rainbow sun hat paired with a matching tote, which would at least show some effort but that could be problematic. If Hillary carries her own tote, what would be left for Huma to do?
  2. Her campaign must be at the stage where it’s about spending down before she has to give it up.* Evidence? Her latest campaign video – Chelsea’s Mom. It’s pretty lame but it does have an aura of authenticity around it. Those musicians seem to be just the kind of douches that would vote for HRC, non-ironically. (*Please don’t give it up, Hilz. Bernie Sanders can’t hold a sartorial candle to you and his hairdo is always the same.)
  3. As her political light continues to wane, it’s up to us to provide our own campaign excitement. Remember the old game whereby you could render any fortune cookie reading hilarious by adding “in bed”? I suggest, what with way things are going with the hidden email thing and the Clinton Foundation For Money Laundering thing, that we add “in prison” to any headline, tag line or quote associated with her.

Chelsea’s Mom Has Got It Going On In Prison

Google Says Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next President In Prison

“It’s 3 am and a phone is ringing in prison.”

Bernie Sanders Is Overtaking Hillary In Prison

“What difference does it make in prison?”

Try It. You’ll like it. In prison.


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