Car Talk

  Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind owning a Cadillac. A pearly white one, except Cadillac’s white is called White Diamond, not pearl.  But I’ll be damned of I’m going to invest that kind of money into a vehicle identified only by numbers and letters.

As far as I can see, the only Cadillac with a name right now is the Escalade, which is not for me because I am neither Diddy nor a Bravolebrity. Doesn’t the speaking out loud of the phrase Coupe de Ville transport you to a better time and place? The EL DORADO, fer cryin’ out loud! Perhaps there are those who suffer the same effect when they hear SRX or CTS but I have yet to meet them.

This is just empty talk to pass the time – I have the perfect car already: a beautiful sparkling snow white Hyundai Santa Fe. It is the best white of all the cars on the planet, with the exception of GM’s Diamond White. I must say that although the imports have better machines, the domestics have better paint finishes. Last week, I was parked next to some kind of Dodge in the parking lot of the Dollar Tree and it was black and uber sparkly with multicolored glitter embedded into it – it looked  just like a tombstone and it was wonderful.

Anyway, here’s a chrome car in Philadelphia.  Chrome is a tad too manly for me but you might like it. I prefer the glitter cars.


5 thoughts on “Car Talk

  1. We love our Santa Fe. We had a Sonata, but it was terrible in snow. We sometimes have snow here for 8 months so that’s a serious drawback. The only Santa Fe drawback seems to be that it has a powerful attraction for deer on the road. I’ve had one encounter with deer while driving one. She’s had many and all required body work. Still, no people were hurt and the repairs were very reasonable.

    • incoherence…first sign of senility. I edited this and left out an essential sentence that I now can’t remember. Something about my daughter and her Santa Fe. Crap.

  2. Just yesterday I was behind a gigantic classic vintage all white Cadillac El Dorado convertible. Florida plates and a Reagan bumper sticker too. In pure blogger mode to snap a photo, I reached for my phone and in that instant, a big truck pulled in front of me and I lost sight of the wonderful vehicle. Cadillac’s were the power car of the era and in that time too, color choices were almost unlimited. Want pink? No problem. Today, what is it – black, gray, blue, white. Yawn. Although I wouldn’t want a chrome car either, I can see why people want something to make their car stand out. I’m a boring navy blue gal.

  3. I LOVE my Metallic Polo Green (Gold Package) 98 Caddy DeVille! 32V Northstar V8 gets 21-25 mpg. Matching ivory cloth top and leather (heated) seats and auto close trunk 🙂 What gets overlooked on Cadillacs is the performance power. Sometimes, I enjoy blowing the doors off the car next to me by “flooring it” and leaving them in the dust, haha. It’s also a tank–I can drive over bicycles and through brush* and knock them down w/o damage to car; deer have run into it* w/o barely leaving a dent.
    *not planned activities.

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