Sometimes okay once I woke up in the middle of the night with itchy armpits. Visual examination confirmed that my armpits are hairless, free of infestation and of normal color and turgor. Then I noticed that the soles of my feet were itchy, too. Then I fell back asleep.


What could this be?

Note bene:

I will not accept any diagnosis that starts with the word senile to denote that this is benign condition that comes with age. I don’t mind age and I don’t mind aging but I strongly object to use of the word senile anywhere near me. I already have to put up with senile psoriasis of the eyebrows (a very mild case!) and a senile wart on my arm (it’s nothing really!), which is sometimes humorously referred to as the barnacles of old age and that is indignity enough.

1 thought on “Consultation”

  1. When was the last time you had an A1c? If you are not diabetic, get a cheap/free glucose monitor and strips and check your active blood glucose … itching like you describe can be associated with diabetes.

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