All the Italian-American Expressions I Really Need To Know I Learned From the Bob Grant Show

subtitled: Call Me FAHTsa  BROOtay

Is it just me


does Bruce Jenner  look great as a woman for a man,


does he look like a faccia brutte as a woman because he’s a man?

7 thoughts on “All the Italian-American Expressions I Really Need To Know I Learned From the Bob Grant Show”

  1. He looks good because Annie Lebowitz is an artist and can make anyone look good. What he looked like with Diane Sawyer, now that’s the real man.

  2. Not knowing Italian, I looked it up. Quite a collection of ugly men. One even had ears just like our Prezzy. And I don’t care what they do to him, he still looks like Bruce Jenner to me.

  3. I concur with Lindatheappraiser Lebowitz can make anybody look any way she wants to. She could probably make me look like either Bruce or Caitlin. Sad for him/her Annie can’t be with him/her always. Notice my microagression. I try to commit at least one each hour. It’s very difficult here in cowboy country where we only have one university in the whole state.

  4. And about this whole, “I identify as…” crap. They’re going to remake the movie “Sybil” where instead of being tragically batshit schizophrenic, she identifies as 16 people trapped in a single body. What a courageous leader she’ll be!

    1. I’m just worried that all of this trans-i zation of America is going to invalidate my favorite joke:
      Q: how do you tell the sex of a chromosome?
      A; Look in its genes.

      I know its a stupid joke that is actually backwards, but I really don’t go by what’s in a person’s jeans but rather by what their chromosomes are.

      Also, I love my joke and I won’t ever give it up or stop telling it although I may one day be forced to change it to how do you tell the gender of a chromosome which is just going to be a big buzzkill for me.

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