Writing Every Day

I had this idea that i’d be able to write a daily update here – not a big think piece or a Hillary In hiding piece, but just  a daily update. So I made soem notes for myself and wow am I boring. Here’s what I’ve got:

  •  Eating a hot dog for breakfast. Subtopic: making my own NYC pushcart onions
  • That time my uncle the priest was sick and I made him some low-sodium chicken soup for his special diet and it was so gross and he never said boo about it  but he did throw it away without eating any and my lingering resentment about the whole thing
  • Pondering the Angry Chicken recipe I saw on TV

That’s the cream of the crop. I won’t even mention all the lesser ideas. anyway, I never got around to doing daily updates, so here is the week in summary:

Every time I plant a flower in my garden, the act puts pressure on my knee in a different way and I can only manage to put in about 6 flowers before I have to quit and then my knee is shot for the rest of the day. signed, Susie Sunshine

Also I’m stress shopping on the internet. Pocket books. I’m not buying anything – yet. But I can tell that I am dangerous close.

Also, confession: I have fallen for the whole Pandora bracelet thing. That’s me – three years behind the trends.


5 thoughts on “Writing Every Day”

    1. Well, I found a perfect recipe on the internet, made the onions once and then could never find that recipe again. (MacArthur Park!) All I could remember was that it had oregano in it.

      So I use a different internet recipe every time I make them. This last time, I used this recipe and they were just about perfect – much more authentic than the jarred Sabrett’s product. My only quibble was that the color was a little pale and I would have liked it to be a bit more saucy. This time, I’m going to add tomato paste in an attempt to improve the color without ruining the taste and texture.

  1. I have a Pandora bracelet and my husband loves it because now he knows all he has to do is buy a charm for every gift giving occasion!
    It takes years to fill it up if you only give 1 charm at a time.

    1. My best friend loves them and I inititally rejected them when she first showed them to me. True to my pattern, 3 years later I admitted her wisdom and fell in love with them too.

  2. I want to hear about the lingering resentment! Perhaps my entire blog is loosely about lingering resentments, in a way. Or not so lingering, maybe more like flapping all up in my face and stabbing me about the face and neck pretty much constantly like those birds that went after Tippi Hendren. I will have to google “Pandora bracelet” because I know you don’t mean the music station but that was my only thought, “Those bastards are giving away bracelets now? I canceled and now they’re giving away bracelets? Is that it?”

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