Apparently Target Learned NOTHING From The Mossimo Incident

I blinked and missed the part where we all got upset about Lilly Pulitzer but it seemed to be a two-part problem.

It had something to do with the recent Target release of the Lilly For Target goods it it is either “Lilly Pulitzer is the badge of the 1%” or “capitalists are making  too much money with resales.” Bonus peeve: Target executives are mad that the line sold out within hours instead of over a few weeks as they had planned.

So the problem boils down to money. I can’t teach everybody everything so let me just lay it out here:

  1. To the inflamed baby socialists: You know that the actual Lilly Pulitzer is dead, right? And this merchandise is low end repros and as-ifs? Lilly’s business survivors are selling this stuff in Target, not in Palm Beach boutiques.
  2. To the annoyed Target executives: The the same sellout/resale thing happened when Target unleashed that zigzaggy Mossimo stuff a few years ago. Unless there has been a 100% turnover in Target’s executive leadership and we’re looking at an Asimovian Nightfall scenario, how surprised and peeved could they have been?
  3. To the anti-capitalists: you haven’t killed it yet. God bless America and God bless capitalism.

Here’s my interest in this whole thing: Target has ruined the Lilly Pulitzer shopping experience on eBay. And when I say ruined I mean lifted up the rock and let the sunshine on the sad little amateur resellers who were practically throwing the stuff away.

Behold the Lilly For Estée Lauder cosmetic bag of Suzette:


$3.99 on eBay

At the time I bought this*, eBay was flooded with burgeoning entrepreneurs who “somehow” came into possession of a bunch of cosmetic counter free gift with purchase items and put them up for sale in order to get money for nothing and to provide happiness to others. Do you think this can happen now? Those days are over now THANK YOU VERY MUCH TARGET.

*I actually bought 2 of different styles but nobody wanted the other one so now I have an asset to liquidate. Boom. Capitalism.


6 thoughts on “Apparently Target Learned NOTHING From The Mossimo Incident

  1. I didn’t even realize there was Lilly Pulitzer outrage before this whole Target mess. I guess anything these days can be spun up into “us vs. them.”

    Or maybe I *am* a dirty preppie since I didn’t realize that the brand was a preppie signifier. I just saw it as kind-of-expensive stuff that some people liked to wear.

    I admit, I would have liked to have gotten one of the pretty pretty pastel dresses but it wasn’t to be. There will be other pretty pretty pastel dresses….

    • 100% agree with your third sentence. America: equal access to all goods, once you get past the disposable income part. Doubt very much of all the goth kids ever bit the head off of a bat, but if they ever get the chance they’re already dressed for the part.

      I don’t know if the outrage existed before the Target thing or if it’s been ginned up to fit the occasion. i suspect the latter.

      • It seems like the Outrage Machine is stuck at “11” these days. Practically every news broadcast has at least one story that seems to be designed to make people mad.

  2. I find it ironic that the Lilly frocks cost so darn much. They look like the flowered sheath dress I taught myself to sew way back in 7th grade in something like 1969 or so. Um, the easiest style on earth, and every fabric store should have some suitably floral fabric. Oh, right, girls don’t learn how to sew anymore, do they? Too bad for them. I no longer have the figure necessary to carry off that style, but it was nice back then.

  3. I so love your writing. With Hil back you’ll be so happy-making even more! Have a friend whose daughter worked at a Lily store. She’s outraged. Outraged! Every stereotype you can imagine. It’s fab.

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