Hillary, Surpised

hrcWell, its a good thing that Hillary is on a listening tour because otherwise she might never have known that small businesses are not creating jobs under the reign of Obama. In fact, she had no idea at all – she was surprised when it finally dawned on her.

We can’t really blame her. Ever since she gave up  the Secretary of State position, she’s been taking it easy and totally devoting herself to the Meemaw business, what with the singing and the story-reading and wotnot. (side note: I would just plotz and I mean that in a good way if the next picture of Baby Charlotte shows her off in a tiny blue pants outfit. Or with 5 o’clock shadow.) Noted family man William Jefferson Clinton has got his Peepaw moves down – instead of reading to the baby, he participates by walking past bookcases and pointing at books that she will be able to read to herself.

What else could Hillary have found out from her latest listening tour fast food and coffee joint stops? That she is unloved?* That her interaction with the common people is to treat them as if they had cooties? That Huma is still good for a laugh on a long road trip?

*I just had a pang of pity for her. She is unloved. Unloved in her personal life and now in her chosen career. That is a blog post of its own.

Tangentially related: What are the nicknames for Charlotte? Lottie seems to be the front runner. You know, my mother’s oldest brother was married to a woman named Lottie whose full name as far as I can recall was “Chochi Lottie”* She always wore a watch like this , sported cat eye glasses finished in silver pearl with tasteful rhinestones at the top and  had long pointy fingernails stained yellow from her constant cigarette smoking.She was as sour as could be, unsmiling in every memory I have of her. I never considered for a single moment until now that her name could be anything other than Lottie. Anyway, Charlotte is a feminization for Charles so any Charles nickname should apply. I vote for Chuck. Chuck Mezvinsky. Sounds very friendly and evokes a down-home, beloved local  politician, a friend to the people. In this case, down-home is a $10 million dollar luxury fortress in Manhattan but whatever. See ya in 2048, Chuck!

*Polish joke

5 thoughts on “Hillary, Surpised”

  1. My grandmother was named Lottie. She was a grouch. I barely knew her, but the few times I was actually around her, she did nothing but complain. I think Charlotte would be better off not being called Lottie. Perhaps Charlie?

  2. The CANKLES category? I just subscribed to your feed. I cannot afford to miss any of this. You’re the best on the hair knots, as we know, and throughout this upcoming run of hers you will be the one to read, MISSY. IMHO.

  3. Given the supposed “distant” relationships within the Clinton family, the story of the block-long apartment makes perfect sense. No one has to risk running into one another when they are at home.

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