Looks Like We Got Us A Convoy

I would like to know how many vehicles are in Hillary’s Scooby van parade.

I ask because she hasn’t re-worn the same outfit since she hit the road and if I’m reading the photos correctly, she changes more than once a day for her scheduled and impromptu stops. I’m thinking that she and Huma are being chauffeured in one van, the secret service are in another and the wardrobe has its own ride. Maybe another one for hair, make up and a trunk full of Botox and sheep placentas. My sister has a horse trailer that with air conditioned living quarters that are surprisingly luxurious – maybe she’s got something like that going on, too. 

And where is PeePaw during this exciting time? Maybe he’s in one of those vans reading to Baby Charlotte. Or interviewing interns. Hey, maybe those email servers are (were?) in there, headed for swimming lessons in the Des Moines River. I’m sorry the road trip was over before I could get the answers to my questions.


  At least we’ve got that final image of Hillary dragging her carry-on through the air port (she is just like us!) before she hopped on a United Embraer jet ( the Scooby plane) to fly to Newark Liberty, where she was met by a limo on the tarmac. No word if she had to dodge any gunfire. Probably not. After all, this isn’t Chicago.


4 thoughts on “Looks Like We Got Us A Convoy

  1. I’ve noticed Hillary is looking pretty good (for Hillary). Weight loss, face lift, Botox, soft lighting in the official photographs. Clothing is better, too. An image comes to mind of her exiting a plane in her SOS days wearing a huge tropical shirt, with unstyled hair blowing in the wind. Methinks THAT is the real Hills, not this “presidential candidate” look that we’re seeing now. Still, thank goodness for small favors, I suppose.

  2. Suzette!
    Another special Meemaw jacket spotting, this time it appears as a solid light blue: in a The Wall Street Journal, April 21, page A4, photo credit to Reuters, Lucas Jackson. She’s touring a New Hampshire furniture factory. Feeling observant, thanks for the coaching.

  3. She *is* looking very good. What gives? I don’t understand how an aging woman can look better at 69 than at 60. My guess is that despite all the BS to the contrary, she loves campaigning. Loves politicking. It’s her form of sex.

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