Fill In The Blank

Choose the correct word to complete this sentence:

A _____________ rabbit helped himself to the chicken planter buffet.

  • cute
  • frigging
  • innocent
  • asshole
  • doomed


unnamed (2)
I actually saw the _________ rabbit do this.


Extra credit:

Please share your favorite method of exterminating rabbits.

5 thoughts on “Fill In The Blank”

  1. Year after year, the garden-raiding rabbits would make a den in our compost pile, just inches away from the fence that held in the neighbor’s large-breed dog, driving it crazy. Not to worry, the other neighbor’s black cat would stalk, pounce, and raid the den each evening and pull out a cute baby bunny. It was a show. Normally I would be upset at such carnage, but like Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail & Peter, it was the babies that would most frequently get under or thru the garden fence.
    This year it was the squirrels that dug up my tulip bulbs. The raccoons got the squirrels, carrying them up to the rooftop to consume them and leave their sorry carcasses like so much road-kill.
    Ah, nature.

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