Getting Ready For Easter



 There’s no time or ability to produce an Easter Bread this year so we ordered one from a local bakery. 

The primary  order-taker was choking on a piece of babka while I was trying to order it and was communicating by impromptu  sign language to a willing but unknowledgeable young girl. The young girl was lovely but in over her head beyond weighing a bag full of sprinkle cookies. So I pre-paid $5.25 for a three-egg Easter Bread and who can predict what will happen when I attempt to go pick it up on Saturday morning? 


 I might be reduced to ordering commercial Easter Bread but by jiminey we are going to have a homemade Butter Lamb.*

  • *Note: this year’s Butter Lamb will have plain butter wool over a sage butter base.

actual kitchen table of suzette, arrayed in holiday finery

UPDATE: Easter Breads galore at the Italian bakery. 

  St. Joseph watches over the red & white string:


Hand-crafted artisanal Butter Lamb, phase one:



One thought on “Getting Ready For Easter

  1. Yay! The butter lamb. I was afraid you’d miss it this year with all surgery etc! My Easter can now proceed as usual.

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