Escape To ChristmasTreeShops  Island 

It was a bright and sunny day. The cul-de-sac has been traversed so many times that the asphalt paving has shredded the leg caps on Sami’s  rolling walker. So off to our favorite non-essential merchandise* store.


  • 9″ ceramic frying pan
  • 200 feet of parchment paper
  • 1 10oz individual pump container of odor neutralizing liquid soap
  • 1 50oz container of odor neutralizing soap refill 

Be proud of me, blog readers! I did not succumb to any impulse purchases- not even a substitute for the Williams Sonoma-like botanical lemon tablecloth I really had my heart set on.

Without question, this was the best thing ChristmasTree had for sale today.  Disproportionate, disinterested , distressed-finish ornamental  poodle.


4 thoughts on “Escape To ChristmasTreeShops  Island 

  1. Methinks the pooch is handcrafted by old world artisans in the most consensual sustainable fashion using only homeowner association approved dried dog droppings with a smidge of wild donkey dung thrown in for texture. Or possibly hippies with too much really righteous hashish.

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