Desperate In New Jersey

cranky flowersI’ve been shopping for potted pansies to counteract the long bleak winter we’ve just been through. I’m about a week or two too early but I go out to look every day.   Here’s a partial list of my local haunts that are not selling pansies:

  • Matawan Gardens
  • HomeDepot
  • Lowes
  • The Flower Farm
  • ShopRite
  • Kmart
  • Stop n Shop
  • Dearborn Farms
  • Bayshore Greenhouse

Here’s a partial list of what I bought in lieu of pansies:

  • Spray paint
  • A sunflower bouquet
  • Suppositories
  • Bayer 3-in-1 fungicide
  • Prune juice
  • A full zip hooded sweatshirt
  • White clam sauce
  • Atkins bars that look and taste just like Mounds candy bars

In others news, since Sami’s been home* I’ve produced 3 meals a day plus snack (no repeats!) , went to the supermarkets twice, did three loads of laundry, shoveled a spot on the deck so he could sit in the sun for a few minutes and agonized through several work crises and I have to tell you – this housewife shit is for the birds.

*disclaimer: I’m glad to have him home and I’m happy to do all this for him but that doesn’t make housewifery any less shitty. Also, after he’s fully recovered, this is going to upset the usual balance of our relationship where I am the delicate flower (like a pansy) and he waits on me hand and foot.


4 thoughts on “Desperate In New Jersey

  1. I got a big bowl of pansies about a week and a half ago at Costco. I’m just a little south in DC suburbs Maryland.

  2. Atkins bars that look and taste just like Mounds candy bars.
    I’m skeptical. But (ever hopeful) I will, of course, try them. Almond Joy would be better.

    It’s not easy to get the delicate flower ethos back. However, I suspect Sami will miss it as well and be glad to go back to the old ways once he’s fully recovered. Nostalgia if nothing else.

  3. the pansies I planted last fall are coming up again, should be blooming by Easter if we get enough sunny days.
    Glad Sami is doing well, give him my best.

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