Sami Is Still In Columbia Presbyterian But At Least He Is In The Rehab Section Now

Two things about this hospital and fur coats –

1. I’ve waited two years for the pleasure of a stranger walking up to me to admire my QVC/Dennis Basso faux ocelot car coat with convertible collar and turn back cuffs. When it finally happened, it was not the satisfying experience that I dreamed about. I was standing in front of the elevator bank when a hospital employee came over to me and said something complimentary about my coat. Then she said “How many ocelots had to die for this?” Weird, because it’s so obviously faux and even if you weren’t familiar with genuine ocelot pelts, at that close proximity my coat is a bit sparkly at the fiber ends which I don’t believe is a feature of actual ocelots. I said to her “Lady, this isn’t even real fuzz.” And then she got all huffy and crabby and said “I know!” and turned her back to me.

2. This is New York and it was winter when this whole thing started so there  has been an abundance of genuine fur coats on display. After an elevator ride which my daughter and I shared with a young women swathed in a particularly stunning chestnut-colored full length mink coat, my vegan/counterculture/hippie-ish daughter turned to me and said, “I’ve never seen so many real fur coats in my life as I have this week, and you know something? It makes me think I’d like to have one.” Me too, honey.

Related: One night I was waiting outside for the valet to bring my car around and  I saw a very tall thin SatMar Man walking In the opposite direction. The overhead lights  illuminated every hair on the sable shtreimel  he was wearing and I can’t stop thinking about how appealing and elegant it was. 

And now that I really think about it, that coat in the elevator was a sable too not a mink.

9 thoughts on “Sami Is Still In Columbia Presbyterian But At Least He Is In The Rehab Section Now”

  1. I am sure your Dennis Basso faux ocelot car coat is lovely. Some people should mind their own business and not make comments when they have no idea what real fur looks like. I have never wanted a fur coat but if I lived in a colder climate I might.

  2. Sorry about Sami. My husband is very sick too, home from the hospital now. But it’s an ongoing, chronic thing. Now me, being the very tired and stressed caregiver that I am, would have snapped back a number at her, say 26, then told her to mind her own f****** business.

  3. I inherited a mink and a sealskin coat from my grandmother. They’re heavy.
    How is the rehab going?
    Valet service? Now you’re talking. No more impound.

  4. You know what? You’re in the hospital, obviously due to a horribly stressful situation. Ida kicked her ass. Or at least her purse. Which was probably plastic.

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