I Am A Ticking Time Bomb

11 pm I’m  sitting in the front seat of a car service car next to the worlds biggest pine tree air freshener because an unnamed relative parked my car on the street on Riverside Drive instead of putting it in a garage and then it got towed and I can’t get it out of impound until 7 am tomorrow and I can’t spend another minute in that hospital room because Sami came off the ventilator today and he won’t stop talking about stupid shit and I can’t even sit down for a minute because he keeps calling me over to say stuff like pull that chair over and put your feet up so I’m going home to take off my shoes and my bra  and stretch out and try not to act pissed off but so far that isn’t working and I am wearing a buzzard face.

7 thoughts on “I Am A Ticking Time Bomb”

  1. Probably the best run-on sentence I have read in awhile! Because amongst all the “life crap” … Sami is off the vent and well enough to drive you batty with his all his talkin’. That, m’dear, is great news. Stay strong.

    1. Ooops. Got a phone call in the middle of typing that ^^^ comment and see now that I repeated myself, “…. drive you batty with his all his talkin’ “. Getting too old to multitask I guess.

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