With A Lump In My Throat And About 8 Metal Bolts In His

Greetings from the waiting room at. Columbia Presbyterian hospital in NYC. Big day. Sami is in the OR having a cervical spinal fusion and I am waiting. Keep your fingers crossed for us, readers.

1:30 pm Update: Sami’s still in the OR . A snack cart showed up at the waiting room door so I was able to get a soda and a water. Now I don’t have to worry about fainting from dehydration. The food was the craziest of crap – nothing but candy bars and chips. I hope a sandwich and coffee wagon shows up.

Have I mentioned that my plan is to squat in Sami’s room for the next four days and sleep in a chair? I can tell you that this is not a well thought out plan now that I’m about 8 hours into it. But I have a purse full of singles and fives to entice people to bring me coffee or possibly push me around. This is a big place and I’m not sure I can manage walking to the cafeteria. I did see a bunch of Jazzy s in the main lobby so if I can maneuver back to there I can commandeer one. Maybe hide it in the bathroom once Sami gets a room.


12 thoughts on “With A Lump In My Throat And About 8 Metal Bolts In His

  1. Ask the nurses if they will bring you meals. We can do that at our local hospital – for a small fee. That is, if you can stand the hospital food.

  2. I second asking about meals. Our one and only hospital does that. Cost $6.00 and the menu/food isn’t half bad. The best to Sami and take care of yourself too. He’s going to need you around for awhile.

  3. Prayers also from Wyoming. I believe in survival of the fittest. Do what’s necessary for survival. Even if it means throwing a fit.

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