I’ve had a window open for several days with a Time magazine retrospective of First Lady Fashion. It’s pretty grim and unamusing except for two things:

#1 You have to be a fan of orchid corsages to appreciate this point. I am and I wish I had the nerve to drape a branch full of them from shoulder to rib cage or a single bloom as big as my face. Compare these with the sad fabric cardigan flower of what passes for FLF today.

I do not even know what is going on with Eleanor’s corsage. while her companion’s is clearly a single branch of small orchids, the one Eleanor is wearing seems to be enhanced with kumquats and something shiny.


#2 While the other first ladies, save Rosalynn Carter, have multiple photos in the gallery, this is the only photo of HRC.

While we’re all drawn to those pants – and who among us can resist staring at that bewitching intersection of stripes in the crotchal area – it’s those man sandals splayed outward that really fascinate here.


2 thoughts on “FLF”

  1. OT of orchid corsages, but Pat Nixon looked exactly like my favorite aunt, so I have always had a soft spot for her. I both admired and felt sorry for her. She was an intelligent and very proud woman. Nixon’s disgrace must have been hell for her. So sad.

    As for Hillary, I think of her as a real c… – I can’t say this word, but if anyone fits it, it is Hillary. Traitor, slut, pig, pick any derogatory descriptor and it would still be too good for her. Please God, don’t let her become President.

    And who is the tasty little morsel with Eleanor? Old Babs looks happy.

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