A Planter In The Sun

I can almost smell the springtime (through the snow cover) and that means it’s time to trawl the internet for chicken planters. Let me prepare you by saying that the internet is a weird and wonderful place. Here is a chicken planter with the head of a young Liz Taylor.

I am Olivia the Uptown chicken planter. I am quietly laying here ready to grow a plant for you. I am 11 inches long and have a body circumference of 17 inches. I am 9 inches tall and come with drain holes for good plant health. I am a large chicken and would look good full of your favorite plants.

They can call her “Olivia” to get out from under any conflict with the estate of Liz Taylor but look at it. Do you have any doubt about who that is?

Dudes, the earrings, the frothy dress. I’m going back to look at this seller and see if she has any rooster planters that look like Montgomery Clift.


I’m kind of digging it but I know Sami would never go for it. I have to tred lightly because its going to be tricky enough getting around his ridiculous 3 chicken limit for decorating so a Liz Taylor Chicken is not the hill to die on.

UPDATE: It’s a stretch but I can make a case for it. The upward tilt of the chin, the angle of the gaze, the sharp elbow bent and ready, the open-eyed stare. The cheekbones!

I am Spider Pup , a small planter for your collection. I am 4 inches tall and 9 inches wide. My head circumference is 7.5 inches, perfect for a tiny plant. I have a drain hole for good plant health and I pushed Shelley Winters into a lake.



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