The Lamps of Latin Lovers

It’s Sunday morning and I clicked into what turns out to be a totally unwatchcable movie starring Lana Turner and Ricardo Montalban. The film is called “Latin Lovers” and the plot is that Lana Turner has $37 million dollars and is looking for true love. The $37 million dollars causes her to doubt suitor’s true intentions and also allows her to stay in the fanciest hotel room in Rio de Janero which contains this  fabulous table lamp.

Underneath the swagged shade is a ram’s head on a vase on a pedestal plus a cherub in a chair and they are both on a bigger pedestal.I know it’s hard to see but I cropped it as best I could to get rid of the multiple fabrics in red, violet and white and the very many bibelots laying about.

Lana gets on the horn to express her confusion about if the $37 million dollars will come between her and middle income Brazilian horseman Ricardo Montalban.  It’s early morning in NY so her shrink is sleeping 50’s style in his single bed separated from his wife’s single bed by a lamp that featured a begging poodle for a  base.

This bedroom has headboards upholstered in a ghastly black and chartreuse fabric that matches the wall covering exactly. OF COURSE they needed a poodle to hold its own against that combo. What else could draw attention away from it?

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