Jersey Girl

There were many more things about Denver that irritated me on this last trip. Maybe it’s because I was there for 6 days and the irritation was cumulative.

PrintHere’s the thing : people feel free to insert their political commentary into every conversation and do not ever stop to consider that perhaps not everyone shares their opinion. Okay. I get it.You are the most important person in the world and so of course everyone must agree with you, but within the space of three days, two people inserted insults specific to Governor Christie and four insulted NJ in general.

So now it’s on. My mission is to convert them all to become NJ lovers. It’s going to be hard to do without personally experiencing our coastal sunsets and Jersey tomatoes, but even if I have to hand out boxes of J&J Band-aids® and Statue of Liberty trinkets  to every one of them, I’m going to make it happen.

2 thoughts on “Jersey Girl”

  1. When Colorado can produce a governor like Cristy then we’ll talk. I only agree with him about half of the time, but boy do I love to hear him take people apart.

  2. I lived in Lakehurst for 5 years in the 70s. I loved it there. Loved the farm stands, the piney woods, the beaches, the seafood; loved it all. We lived right at the edge of town, lots of woods on one side. The kids and I were out scouting for wild blueberries every spring. Had to work fast before the birds got them. I would still be there if it had been my choice.

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