The Last Time I Took A Taxi

txI Uber-ed this week for the first time. I’m a big fan.

This week marks the last time I took a regular taxi here. The driver took 15 minutes to get to my business-district hotel, which is a long time at 7:30 am. He didn’t know how to get from my corporate-preferred hotel to my corporate office – surprising because it’s a high traffic destination and sticks up in the skyline with a blue neon glow from the top three floors. He was fumbling around with a portable navigator and couldn’t get the spelling of the street right , so i said “Here let me do that.”*. $10 and 5 minutes later, I was standing in front of my office door.

The Uber guy I called the next day got to my hotel door before I did from the 15th floor of my hotel, and he GPS geared up and ready, and drove straight to the office. The car was clean and comfortable. No frills, no nonsense – an overall good experience for about half the cost of a regular cab, pre-paid, tip included with an electronic receipt and you do it all from your phone. So no fumbling haste for the passenger to get it together at the end of the trip.

Since that first Uber ride, I’ve taken regular cabs and more Ubers this week, both alone and with a small group. I’m sure its just coincidence that the regular cabs were smelly and littered and the driver was too proud to ask for course correction on a trip of about 15 blocks but preferred to drive in circles and then dumped us out about 5 doors away from where we were headed.

Anyway, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use Uber compared to regular cab service.

* During the ride, he was making the typical chit chat meant to induce a good tip and when he was asking me about work, he asked if I was a boss. I said no and then with increased volume, he said YOU ACT LIKE A BOSS. Which I think was a pretty good assessment of your average Lithuanian-American female.

1 thought on “The Last Time I Took A Taxi”

  1. “You act like a boss” fits your average Wyoming female too. I mean, somebody has to do it, why not the people who are best at it?
    Although, I don’t see how a cab driver saying that encourages tipping. But then, taxi etiquette is not a skill we develop in Wyoming. After reading your post I’m sure I don’t mind missing it.

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