There Are More Weathermen Than Snowflakes Around Here

Can we all agree that the phrase “storm of the century” should be banned from the English language?

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the only birds around today are on decorative outdoor flags

It did snow, yes. And it was enough snow to call for the use of a snow blower instead of a shovel and broom, yes. But Snowmegadon, no not hardly.

Now look, I get how  difficult it is to depend on hyperlocal weather models and that forecasting local weather is more or less guessing – but this is my big beef: Why must the local TV stations continue with their plans to pre-empt the hour before the 5 o’clock news to deliver the worst possible scenarios for the upcoming weather when it is clear that the original prediction has changed?

The reason this is so disturbing to me is that Judy Judy comes on at that time – 2 episodes! And I DVR them to watch after I come downstairs after spending the day hunched over a keyboard being courteous and helpful to all who cross my path. After 10 hours of that, I live vicariously though JJ as she cuts people off, calls them morons and tells them that they are ridiculous. Imgine how disappointing it is when I scroll through the recorded list, see 2 episodes of Judge Judy and hit the PLAY button only to see Bill DeBlasio standing in front of s snow plow.

Also, as the weather people were whipping up panic about the approaching STORM! OF! THE! CENTURY!, UPS drove down my unplowed street, walked up my unshoveled driveway and delivered a package, setting it right against my front door. The weather people could take a lesson from the UPS drivers.


5 thoughts on “There Are More Weathermen Than Snowflakes Around Here”

  1. I love the image of pearl clutching on the weather report while UPS carries on. It’s now UPS that delivers through sleet and storm and dark of night. I love those guys.
    Judge Judy is my hero. I love it when she dismisses cases when it’s obvious the parties just want to be on TV and get the money.

  2. There Are More Flakes Than Snowmen Around Here should be your title. Weatherpeeps have been the vanguard of too much bandwidth to fill with substance (college football coverage being the most egregious recent egg sample). In the old days, the Big Three could devote a minute or two of their allotted nightly 30 for coverage of a really bad hurricane, maybe 3 or 4 minutes for a Camille, with emphasis on the order to the Mississippi National Guard to shoot looters on site. Now, there are no limits, so these idiots compete with each other to see who can whip up the biggest frenzy without actually freezing to death. The guy that gets sliced in half by the windblown “YIELD” sign on live TV will get Daffy Duck’s “But You Can Only Do It Once” award.

  3. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind the non-stop storm coverage so much if the only visual broadcast during the chatter was Dan Rather hanging onto a tree during Hurricane Carla. Imagine – Dan Rather on a continuous loop. Viewership would drop like a stone and that would be the end of incessant storm coverage.

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