Thoughts Upon Watching The Great British Baking Show For The First Time

  1.  Love at first sight.
  2. Considering changing my name to Chetna.

Oh PBS. You and your dreary Downton Abbey. Shove over, there’s a new object of my affection  in town – the Great British Baking Show.  It’s a food competition/elimination format which is completely tarsome by now but this one is absolutely riveting.

Great-British-Baking-Show-Episode-1-Cake-602x338The bakers are amateurs, although accomplished ones. They all make the same thing at the same time from a limited set of instructions and identical sets of ingredients. The intros to each baker are warm and personal and you feel that you know them in very short order, and you root for every one of them to make a perfect creation. And they bake in a big outdoor tent with rain pouring all around it. That humidity has got to be a baking challenge. I especially love the atmosphere when the judges are delivering bad news to the bakers: “It’s not all we hoped for, now is it?” Or to a particular baker who bombed on all three challenges “Oh, she’s having a bad day.”

There’s a 17 year old who is a consistantly high performer and a sweet old guy from Scotland whose hobbies are baking and pottery, so he makes a  custom piece of pottery for things that he bakes. He’s not the only one though – one of the ladies had her husband whip up a wooden a cupcake guillotine to be sure her tea cakes were the same height. So if you haven’t seen this already, check your local listings, clear your schedule and prepare to enjoy yourself.

Yours truly, Chetna

p.s. You know how a hypnotist will give a trigger word to his subjects so that when they hear it, they begin clucking or singing off-key? The one thing I haven’t heard yet is my personal trigger “Gas Mark 4”. I swear to God if anyone says that on this series, I am going to faint.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts Upon Watching The Great British Baking Show For The First Time”

  1. I noticed it on the Roku PBS app, but I was afraid to watch it. Please tell me that they’re all civilized about it, and not arrogantly snarky.

      1. In that case it’s totally unsuitable for me to view. After dealing with children age 5-11 all day without being able to exercise my snark I crave it. And arrogant snark is a British TV specialty that I find impossible to resist.

        1. I probably should have used a different word, as I’m an unabashed fan of snark in general. I was mostly concerned that it was going to be another contest like you would see on the Food Network, full of talking smack and histrionics and pseudo-tension.

  2. I discovered this accidentally. I have never been interested in cooking shows, but this is very charming. Missed last night but it’s on the dvr. It’s abfab.

  3. There’s beaucoup snark and an excessive amount of twee. I am alternating between fondness for a majority of the amateur chefs and a desire to slap Jordan (so glad when he got the heave ho). Is that what the Indian woman’s name is, Chetna? I think she’s awful. The elderly man from Scotland, had my support earlier, but I have had it up to here with pretentious Scottish ponces who whinge on about ‘sun dried tomatoes’. The beardie weirdie needs to go too.The male judge is an asshat, and the brunette woman who acts as a sort of host is a walking cliche and annoying. I think the world of Mary Berry, and am rooting for the rest of the amateur chefs. I don’t care for reality tv, it’s too ‘bread and circusy’, and most cooking shows are as boring as the nits who call themselves foodies

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