A Dreary Day Brightens Up Considerably

Rainy day blah blah blah so I gave cleaning a weak stab yada yada yada and then I started thinking about my favorite book of all times Make Way for Lucia, which is the complete Lucia/Mapp & Lucia stories by E F Benson. The old boy produced only six of these vastly entertaining novels before he died in 1940. If you don’t know them, these stories revolve around social one-upsmanship between two strong female personalities in a small village in England c. 1930s. And they are hilarious.

castLeft hungry for more, I’ve reread these novels many times. Imagine how delighted I was to come across the PBS TV adaptation back in the 80s. I’ve just (within the last year) re-watched that again via Amazon Prime. Apparently, there are other enthusiasts as passionate about these characters as I am, but they seem to be in England – the Friends of Tilling Society and so on.  It’s been pretty rough on me all these years going around announcing that things were tarsome and no one ever recognized that I was doing my Georgie Pillson imitation. Once I came across a  blogger* who wrote about raising Buff Orpington chickens and named her newest ones Mapp and Lucia so that was a bit of thrill for  a while.

Anyway, today I discovered that there’s not only one but two! authors who have continued writing stories for the characters. Amazon reviewers say that Tom Holt captures the characters perfectly and don’t so much recommend these books as they swoon over them. I am going to display caution about this and only order the first one because I read the excrescence that was the authorized sequel to Gone With The Wind and I do not wish to live through another experience like that one. There’s another author that has written a series of 3 books continuing the Mapp & Lucia stories but the reading public is slightly less enthusiastic about this set.

As if that weren’t enough, what do you suppose I found next? There’s new TV version of the M&L stories that began broadcasting in the UK at Christmas this year.  I may faint. In general, I’m not a fan of piracy but I might consider it in this case as opposed to waiting 2 years for it to show up on American TV.

It’s still raining out there and there’s not much going on in here but overall, this has been a very big day for me.

* Took a spin through the ‘net and the site is still active and I’m sure many of you already know this site because it’s sweasel.com and it’s a genuine blog and  I don’t why why I ever stopped following it. Situation corrected.

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