Don’t Worry I Have A Jan 8 Salon Appointment For High Hights/Low Lights

Not to brag, but I just had the best salad in the history of salads. I should just go to bed now and call it a year. Goodbye 2014 – its not going to get any better than this!

You know it suddenly occurs to me that at about the same time that I decided to go Mod/Veg, I also stopped wearing nail polish. It’s like I’m going natural or something without making a purposeful decision about it. I’ve already been doing the daily ingestion of apple cider vinegar for health purposes.

AND I’m using Neem oil on my lemon tree, which is like natural or organic or something. And I use Marcal toilet tissue which is made from 100% recycled paper. Oh My Gawd. I don’t even know myself.

this is not my hair. OR IS IT?

Listen, I think I’m still okay. I’m still enhancing my hair color and I have a closet full of polyester “fur” coats: a brown shearling, a full length black mink ( a “meenk”, I guess), a snow leopard car coat which I bought to match the interior of my car, a faux possum and I must include a jacket described as a “grooved berber fleece” but does in truth more resemble a light blue bath mat than anything else. The fake fur department is one area I wouldn’t mind going with the natural thing.

Even so, if i start making my own cleaning products and searching for vegetarian dog food, come and get me. Otherwise, happy new year.


1 thought on “Don’t Worry I Have A Jan 8 Salon Appointment For High Hights/Low Lights”

  1. You mentioned cleaning products, too funny! We have hard water, been trying to get the drop look off the shower stall, finally found a sorta fix: 50/50 mix of Dawn detergent (clear) with white vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle. The stuff works in the shower but also tends to make the floor slippery. But it’s half natural!
    Happy 2015!

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