Here’s My Plan And It Does Not Involve Kale

Another year, another health plan. Welcome 2015 – the year I go vegan. Which is ironic because I just sent boxes of steaks all around the country as Christmas gifts. But anyway,vegan.

Well, modified vegan.

It’s more of a vegan + eggs + milk in my morning coffee + a little bit of cheese and maybe some fish once in a while.This is an entirely liveable food plan for me. I’m good with vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes but I need the eggs and maybe the fish to keep from going bald; I need the cow milk so there’s at least a bit of calcium that gets into me also who would ever want coconut milk in a cup of coffee? And I need a bit of cheese every now and again because cheese.

So not for any political or save the animals reason. I just don’t like meat much anymore. Probably because I lost the knack for cooking it. I can’t make a tender chicken to save my life anymore. I’m trying this for awhile. Maybe I’ll go 5 days out of 7. Or maybe I just won’t eat meat and let the rest take care of itself.

So don’t worry about me. I’ve been doing this for 4 days now and I’m still inspired.  thankfully, I still retain my power to make an appealing meal out of nothing. Also, I have enough food planning experience to know that a little deviation once in a while is not the end of the world. I’ll miss butter but in other news – guess what? Gin is vegan friendly!

I guess I have sort of a jump start on the vegan thing – which I will not begin referring to as mod/vegan to avoid the ire of any real vegans who happen to pass by here. – Around here, hummus, tabouleh and koshery are eagerly anticipated foods.By natural inclination, I am a bean person and I have had an entire married life has been tangled up with chick peas and lentils. I’m not really a fan of tofu but I figure my eggs will compensate for lack of tofu in my diet. I’m not a fan of desserts or sweetened drinks. I’m content with chilled water or maybe some home brewed iced tea for a change of pace. Also, cabbage soup which is practically the life blood of Lithuanian Americans, is vegan. Also chilled red beet soup! I’m thinking pierogies are, too.

So basically, leave out the actual meat, avoid cheese and butter, increase the grains and leafy greens and boom – mod/vegan. I’m practically a vegan already, except for the pizza and chicken wings.

This has been kind of a ramble, I know. I’m going to spare you the blow-by-blow of what I eat every day but I just wanted you to know what’s going on with me. Really I just wanted you to know that something is going on with me. How did I get to be so dull?


6 thoughts on “Here’s My Plan And It Does Not Involve Kale”

  1. LOL. Well your life is certainly more exciting than mine that’s for sure! Happy New Year and thanks for all the giggle snorts 🙂

  2. Happy New Year, Suzette!
    I was semi-vegetarian for a couple of years back in the early 90s and didn’t miss meat at all. I started eating it again when I married, but many of our meals are meatless now.

  3. Dear Friend, vegan is a dietary plan, not a religion – so be as flexible as you like without remorse.

    I go “live and let live” on the vegan thing, but I get a chuckle out of the ones who get all huffy about the poor delicious animals I eat. If they’re so darn worried about all the critters, why do they eat all their food?

  4. I can’t believe you can make even me consider vegan as a lifestyle even for a moment. The day I happily eat kale has not arrived, and vegan would cause meat delierium tremmons, but I gave it ten seconds thought. Get thee behind me thou Jezabel.

  5. My hubby would kick me to the curb if I went meatless, but good luck. By the way, coconut milk is delicious in coffee. If you get the unsweetened kind it is about half the calories of skim milk, but a much creamier body since it does have fat. It does lack calcium, however. There is some minor underlying coconut flavor, but less than there is almond in almond milk. And soy – just yuck, too much reminder of soy formula and pucky babies.

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