Rachel Maddow vs Lady Buxton? No contest!

I am unwilling to spend an evening listening to the talking heads try to screw up the late voters by making half-assed predictions and calling races early. I will be spending my time instead trawling eBay for vintage key cases.

Do you know that the world is full of vintage key cases and their matching companions – wallets,eyeglass cases, lighters and more – that were received as gifts and then put immediately away in their boxes for decades?


“Leather Wallet Key Case Make Up Bag Glasses Case Vintage Set Rolfs Never Used”. Here for your delight from the glamourous 1960s: a set of 4 purse accessories in ivory colored leather: wallet, key case, make up bag, eye glasses case. They have been sitting unused in a box for 50 years, waiting for you! This high quality set was manufactured by Rolfs and is stamped ‘mellow leather’. Each piece is made of off white leather that has been tooled and gilded with a pattern of leaves and tiny berries.


Isn’t that gorgeous? White tooled leather embossed with gold. * sigh * I would buy this in a minute except I am really only interested in the key case.

Although I could probably use the eyeglass case for my sunglasses.

And I have the kind of hair that the gold-flecked comb would be effective on.

And Lord knows I’m always fishing around in the bottom of a big handbag for my lipstick so maybe that cosmetic cases would be …

No. Never mind. It’s really just the key case I’m after. So many choices! But the question is do I go with a fold over Key Keeper? Or should it be a hard-sided Key-Tainer?


These are just representative samples. I’ve got a million specific ones saved for consideration.

And so tonight you will have to seek out some other internet know-it-all for election coverage, ebola opinions and Lena Dunham disgust but if you want to think about things that are not produced anymore much to the diminishment of modern life, then I’m your woman.

The Key-tainer, right?



7 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow vs Lady Buxton? No contest!

  1. I had that Buxton key tainer. How did we ever evolve to the junky key chain collection we dangle our keys on now. I have more keychains than keys on my keychain now.

    • Well, I’m going back to the Key-tainer glory days.

      There was a woman who took the name Tasha Tudor* She died in 2008 but she lived the better part of her life as if it was 1830, and acted accordingly – making candles, weaving fabric, growing everything she ate, vintage kitchen implements, no electricity or plumbing etc.She had a big cult following and although i found her charming, I did think she was a bit cuckoo for choosing the past over modern life. NOW I COMPLETELY GET IT.

      *She was a corgi lover and wrote and illustrated several books where they were the main characters. That’s how I first learned about her.

      • She’s been a favorite of mine for a long time. As a children’s librarian I love her books. They have the same quality as Beatrix Potter, a muted tenderness that you don’t see in children’s book illustrations any more. I confess I didn’t know about the Corgiville books until this post. I feel like a whole section of my book knowledge has been neglected. I wish I’d known about them when my granddaughter was younger. Anyway, I’m not ready to start carrying my water from the stream, but the key-tainer I could do.
        Yes, definitely the key-tainer. That little pocket is too cute for words.

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  3. Rolf’s and Princess Gardner! It’s a step back to a 1965 Glamour magazine! And that moire lining in the white leather accessories! It must have a faint scent of Intimate or Jolie Madame cologne.

  4. Ok…I know this is almost a year and a half after the original post, but I have one of the fab hard sided Key Tainers….and I adore it….but I DON”T have the instructions on how to put the keys in. Sigh. So far all my research online has got me is a lot of pretty pictures and the realization that there were at least 3 styles of hooks in Key Tainers over the years. Mine is the style as pictured above with the plastic bits on the hook housing.
    If any one has a clue, Please give me a holler! Thanks!!!

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