All Lemon Tree All Time. Plus A Few Chickens.

Is it too soon to talk lemon trees again?

I’m sure you will enjoy this photo of my solution to the too tall/too short plant stand dilemma that I faced earlier this year as I was making plans to move the little lemon tree inside. I took one of my big outdoor flowerpots and turned it over to use as the base – it’s the perfect height.

Don’t worry – I shut that heat vent. (Please don’t mention this to Sami.)

Okay, so it’s a little bit inelegant but the most important thing to me is that the leaves of the tree are at the right height in the window. Anyway, if all goes according to plan and the tree continues to thrive, next year it will be tall enough to rest upon a 4″ tall rolling plant caddy. So this arrangement is very temporary and only needs to get me through this winter.

I say IF all goes according to plan. My kitchen floor is positively littered with blossom petals and pea sized fruits. 😦

Anyway the chickens came inside to roost on the windowsill for the winter. Here they are under the tilt-in window that gave me the El Kabong yesterday. These also look awkward jammed together like that but that 30″ tray was the longest I could find and again, my only concern is to keep them alive until next season.

unnamed (14)
Sami is not of the opinion that ceramic poultry is a good fit for the room where he spends most of his time.



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