Sunday Bloody Sunday

I was fixing to clean the top half of a tilt-in window when I realized that the bottom half had to have a position adjustment for the top half to tilt in. As I bent my head down to focus on the bottom half, the top half went renegade a tilted in with great force right against my crown.

Sami is gone out today so can somebody check in on me in a few hours to make sure I’m still sound and not succumbing to a cranial hematoma? Thanks!

Related: I might as well wait until later in the day to vacuum. If I do succumb, I won’t care if the carpets are covered in dog hair or not.

UPDATE 4:30 pm: All seems to be well. I didn’t faint or get double vision of even have much of a headache except for the exact area where I got bonked on the noggin. I did proactively self-medicate with some Halloween candy so pretty sure that’s what kept trouble away.


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