I’ll Have The L. B. Jello Please

From Our Presidents: Lunch Break: Menu from Lady Bird Johnson’s Whistle Stop Train Campaign

lady bird special menu
Do they still even make Postum? They better not because if they killed something glorious like Nabisco Golden Raisin Bars and let this live, then where is the justice?

My favorite part of this is how the menu misspells that east Texas river to align with the way Lyndon always mispronounced it.

Lady Bird’s 1964 whistle-stop tour:

“She often used southern cuisine to win people’s affection, serving state specialties and distributing recipes for particular southern dishes. Her appeal to the southern appetite worked to identify her with her southern roots. In Wilson, North Carolina, a local politician introduced Lady Bird by saying she was “as much a part of the South as tobacco, peanuts, and red-eye gravy.”

At each stop, 15 hostesses would escort local politicians and supporters of President Johnson on to the train for a brief meeting with the First Lady and to pose for photos.

How brave was that Lady Bird – such a great strength of will! And what a fine moral compass she had. She is completely underrated and undervalued in every area except wildflowers. That was no small thing but it’s the part of her legacy that is most well know by today’s generation of nudniks.

“The nation was still stunned from the assassination when the Johnson’s finally moved into the White House.  Lady Bird was aware that she could not compete with the glamour of Jacqueline Kennedy and did not attempt it.  Instead, she sought causes to which she could give her name and her energies.  She made headlines during the 1964 campaign when she became the first First Lady to go on a campaign trip for her husband by herself.  She styled the tour train “The Lady Bird Special,” and she made 47 stops and covered over 1600 miles.  Three days later, when the tour ended in New Orleans, Lyndon joyfully met her at the train station.  The “Secret Weapon” had all but defused much of the anger felt by Southerners toward Lyndon’s Great Society legislation.

And now it’s entirely appropriate that we gaze once again upon the Johnson White House China, which was deigned in part by Lady Bird herself.

Lady Bird Johnson: She gave the impression of being a total cream puff but was able to impose floral patterned china with a girly yellow background on old Lyndon. Even Nancy Reagan couldn’t do that and Ronnie was totally whipped.


7 thoughts on “I’ll Have The L. B. Jello Please”

  1. I’d have liked her better if she wasn’t such an ass about billboards. That, and her poor taste in husbands left me questioning her judgement. .

  2. My mother used to make us milk toast when we were sick, not withstanding that milk doesn’t sit well on an upset stomach..It is simply toast on a soup plate with warm milk or cream poured over it, and a lump of butter on top..Basically, what used to be called ‘nursery food.’.. She sometimes poached an egg in it, disgusting as it sounds, I liked that version.
    Speaking of nursery food, I still eat crackers and milk when I can’t sleep..

  3. Pretty Texas bluebonnets on the salad plate, nice cups (demitasse?), and I wish I could get a closer look at that cream soup set. I also wish I could get a cold shrimp plate for $1,95!

  4. Catching up on your wonderful posts, Suzette. Mr. E is already annoyed with all my laughing out loud while he tries to watch a work-related video.
    Anyhoo, your mention of Nabisco Golden Raisin Bars reminded me I had seen a similar product in the Vermont Country Store catalog. I too loved NGRBs and I don’t know if these are as good or not, but the reviews are promising. http://www.vermontcountrystore.com/store/jump/productDetail/Food_&_Candy/Sweet/Cookies/Garibaldi_Biscuits_(Set_of_12_Pkgs.)/64762

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