Lemon Tree-Woman-Birth-Death-Infinity

Welp. It happened.

pea sized fruit

My first pea sized fruit fell off of the little lemon tree. Mentally, I was prepared for it. Just as I was about to start wallowing in the loss, I saw that one of the many flower buds was opening. This is how it’s going to be, I guess. A little sorrow and a little joy.

It’s warm outside today – mid 70s – so I took the little lemon tree outside for some warmth and sunshine. Maybe some bees will stop by and pollinate the flower. Hope springs eternal.

3 thoughts on “Lemon Tree-Woman-Birth-Death-Infinity”

  1. And I was anticipating your post about tequila, salt and your home grown lemon….I’m shattered. Now, I’ll have to anticipate something else.

    Maybe you should try an avocado plant? Imagine that: guacamole from your own plant; just like my aunt used to make. Some tomatoes, onions, fresh squeezed lime, a clove of garlic, some seasoning, with the ingredients pureed in a blender and served with homemade Mexican food.

    Now, I’m hungry. I have chili in the fridge.

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