Two Words. Then Another Two Words. And So On.

Two words: creek project.

Another two words: flooded basement.

Two words for the organizers of the creek project: ________ ____.

Any way, 27 years worth of subterranean hoarding is now soaking wet so the two vibrant and sturdy homeowners* whose children have moved too far away to be of any help are bringing wet crap upstairs to the kitchen for triage and disposition. Yesterday, a surprise emerged.

*One fat gimp with a bad heart and one hard-of-hearing gimpity gimpus maximus with carpal tunnel syndrome

unnamed (2)
58 perfect pieces plus one gravy boat with an unfortunate chip on the rim of the underplate. Also, Sami’s constant companion –  his takeout coffee cup.

This is the china that my father collected for me from a local supermarket long before I was married. I never liked it** and I never used it and I certainly would never have picked it out for myself. In fact, at one point I gave the whole shebang to my married sister who was glad to have it.

**Stay strong, Suzette. Don’t start thinking about a cranky, silent and no-frills authoritarian planning a surprise gift of luxury and beauty for his daughter who was grown and living on her own and maybe he missed her?

It took me a while to think how it ended up back in my basement but it came to me as we were peeling the soaked newspapers off of each piece. When my sister broke up her home, she brought it back to my mother’s house and it stayed boxed up in the attic until we cleaned out the old house years later. The inside of box was topped with a neatly folded newspaper from April 2005. The headline announced the death of Pope John Paul II.

Anyway, I still don’t want them. And that is saying something from a person who cannot resist dinnerware of any kind. I thought I might take a go at selling them on Craigslist so I took a look this morning to see what else was listed and to get an idea of pricing for “China service for 8” and guess what? I found a whole bunch of dishes I would like to own. Act surprised.  Actually, I’m relieved that my Dish Acquisition Mechanism is still functioning.

Golden Autumn china - "for your Thanksgiving table!"
Golden Autumn china – service for 8  “for your Thanksgiving table!”

Will any one want to buy this? The name of this pattern is Golden Autumn and the floral pattern is gold and orange and light brown so I have that going for me. I figure I would write something about “your Thanksgiving table” and set the price at $58.00 – which works out to one dollar for each perfect piece plus one free gravy boat with a chip in it. Priced to sell! I’m not interested in making money on this – I just want it #1 out of my house #2 to go to someone who actually wants it and #3 out of my house.

I imagine that this is the first of many surprises to come up out of the watery depths. Can’t wait to see what today brings.

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