4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know”

  1. The letter “h”, when used with “owly” makes the heads of atheists swell to the point of a possible explosion. We can’t allow that to happen, so wise old owls fool them with a diversion.

    As a side note: owls are fairly stupid, when it comes to birds. Not that it really matters, but parrots are much smarter…so are crows…but wise parrots are considered smartasses, and wise crows are known to cause problems Wise old owls only fly into traffic and end up splattered on the windshield.

  2. Someone thinks we need a new Christmas character to replace a saint and the Son of God? You know even h8ters love owls so how could we object to such a loveable cuddly character?

    Or maybe it’s just some bad punster’s idea of a cute theme for Holiday 2014. I’m not into it, I still have macrame owls from the 70’s lurking in my garage.

  3. They want to bring back the 1970s, but figure that putting mushrooms on everything would make people think of drugs. (Even though that was probably the intent the first go-round that mushrooms were a popular decorative theme).

    Alternative explanation: someone told someone that hipsters like owls and hedgehogs as a decorative motif. (Seriously, those two animals are EVERYWHERE, especially in the craft-store world. You cannot walk down an aisle at the JoAnn’s without seeing something with either an owl or a hedgehog on it, or both). Of course, real hipsters disdain such a mass-market thing.

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