Death Row

If I was on Death Row, the first thing I would do is start smoking cigarettes again. #Marlboros. #sigh

If I was on Death Row, my last meal would be a quart of buttermilk and a bag of overdone tater tots. #cheapgreasyand100%fitting

3 thoughts on “Death Row”

  1. Speaking of Death Row, anything to worry about yet like EBOLA !? I’m just hoping it’s another OBOLAlinsky plot to bring chaos and overload the healthcare system. 😉

  2. Your Last Supper sounds perfect, I might substitute the tater tots for something that would support gravy, oh heck, I could just have the tater tots and substitute a glass of gravy for the buttermilk…
    Then again, a couple of Stouffer’s spinach soufflés would suit me fine with anything chocolate as a chaser..
    If science ever devises a healthy Marlboro I will have a few puffs of that too..even though the healthy part is kind of redundant at the end..

  3. I’ve always said that if I was told I was terminally ill, I would start smoking again. With my luck, I would feel too sick to enjoy it.

    As for last meals…I liked Conner43’s Stouffer spinach souffle suggestion, also perhaps chicken-fried steak and gravy (lots of gravy), and an entire NY cheesecake for dessert.

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