Let’s Talk About Ebola

Psych! No. We’ll be talking about lemon trees instead.

It’s been another big week in little lemon trees. First of all, there’s been an explosion of flower buds on every branch.

unnamed (5)

BOOM! This is happening on every branch.

This is an estimate but there are about 250 – or more! – of them. Internally, I’m wildly excited about this, but I’m trying not to show it too much because the buzzkills at eHow sure know how to bring a novice lemon tree gardener down.


How much is 99% of 250?

Stupid internet! Why can’t it just let me be happy? I’m trying to prepare myself for blossom drop but I don’t know if I’m going to make it. And fruit drop! Fruit drop! Gawd. Now brace yourself for this next part because it is an emotional roller coaster. The petals have fallen off of my single blossom. But let not your heart be troubled because look at this:


It’s a pea-sized fruit!

During it’s brief lifetime, I did see two different bees poking around in the blossom throat so I have to assume that pollination occurred and what I am seeing is an actual pea-sized fruit and not just whatever is left over when blossom petals fall off.

Now some of you might think that what is happening here is merely Nature and my little lemon tree is doing what it’s doing all by itself. But I say that my intense scrutiny several times a day, my relentless staring at it and the transmission of my mental vibrations encouraging abundant productivity are making a difference in the course of things here.

sIn related news, the Home Depot website “find it” feature continues to be a liar. I am desperately searching for a short plant stand because I realize that the bottomost part of the tree trunk (aspirational terminology) does not need to be window height when I bring it inside for the winter. Home Depot has the perfect thing – sturdy, simple and non-intrusive – and the “find it” shows them in stock in every store within reasonable range of my house. Which is a lie. Every store has plenty of the other styles but no 8″ tall ones.

It’s the wrong season to go looking around for garden stuff now – the garden centers are already filled with big cardboard boxes of Christmas stuff clogging the aisles and waiting to be unpacked and displayed. It’s disheartening but I think I’m just going to invert one of my bigger clay flower pots and use that as a base for the tree pot. Because I have no other choice now.



11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Ebola

  1. I find great comfort you’re not worried about Ebola. Let us know when to panic 😉

    I worry about your little lemon tree facing the transition to indoor living. My green thumbed pals winter them over in their garages with a little grow-lite help.

    • Well, I have a double window in the kitchen with southern exposure and the room has florescent lighting that stays on until midnight or later. If that’s not enough light, I have no problem shifting things a bit to accommodate a grow light.

      All this means that my husband is going to have to move from his customary chair at the table but I’m sure he will adjust. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Sometimes a potted plant will die of shock when it’s transplanted into a much larger pot–too much of a good thing. I killed one once that way. I enjoy your blog/viewpoint very much…wish you could post more often!

    • I have a nice big pot ready and waiting, but i did read about transplant shock and the appropriate time of the year to pot up, so I am going to wait until spring to do that. I’ll just stick the tree as is inside the bigger pot for decorative purposes.

      I’m planning to move from a 9″ pot up to a 13.5″ one. What do you think of that? Not too drastic, I don’t think (based on nothing but internet advice).

  3. How did you make that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sign? I can’t find a key that will do the side smile so I make mine with little o’s and they look surprised not ironic. Here’s a solution to the stand problem. Order this one: amazon.com/Panacea-89174-Classic-Finial-10-Inch/dp/B0012GHT5K/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1412403381&sr=8-11&keywords=plant+stand and if you hate it use the box.

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