Egg Was Sleeping Inside Coca Cola

I’m thinking of changing my tag line to the title of this post. I find that the phrase is unforgettable. Is it just me?

I mostly hate YouTube. I was doing my duty this morning and looking for anti-vaccination messages when I came across an entire genre I had no idea about before – the Don’t Eat [type of food] Again where the YouTubers show you the disastrous consequences of applying said food to various things that it was never meant to be in contact with in the first place. Frankly, I kind of like that Coca Cola is an effective toilet cleaner.


The anti-vaccination videos beat the same drum over and over but the anti-food videos are endlessly inventive. Irritating and misleading, but inventive nonetheless.

Get back to work, Suzette.

2 thoughts on “Egg Was Sleeping Inside Coca Cola”

  1. I once kept an orange on a shelf for a couple of years. It didn’t go moldy or decompose, it just dried out into a smaller, denser version of itself.

    Obviously Big Orange doesn’t want us to know about all the preservatives and growth hormones they’re injecting into all the oranges.

  2. I tried the toilet cleaning thing when my daughter’s bathroom had been unused for a month. (After she went off to another state to annoy her parents by getting bad grades and “dating” unsuitable men.) It doesn’t work. I wasted a Coke. Never again. Thank goodness it wasn’t Pepsi!
    For the record bleach worked very well and I had zero desire to drink it.

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