Chelsea’s Baby

Lots of blather going around the net right now about predicting the name of Chelsea’s baby. Frankly, I think it’s already a lock.

  • If it’s a girl, it will be Dorothy after Hillary’s dead mother. Dorothy Clinton Mezvezvez or whatever that guy’s name is.
  • If it’s a boy, it will have Clinton for a middle name. William Clinton Mezzzuzhah. Or perhaps an additional middle name – something like William Lincoln Clinton or William Roosevelt Clinton. You know, for use after the divorce.

No way does the father get any part of the naming process. Who wants to bet?

Frankly I think it’s more intriguing to predict if the child will have the mother’s bulbous nose or the father’s 5:oo shadow. But really, what I want to think about is the first official photo of Meemaw Hillary with her new grandchild. Whatever will it be?

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