This Week In Lemon Trees

Lots of action this week around the little lemon tree.

First the bad news: the tree has black spot! Or something. Not sure if this is a bug or a fungus but whatever, I got some neem oil and sprayed the heck out of it this morning. Neem oil, I am given to understand by the thousands of words I have consumed on various Meyer Lemon Tree discussion forums, is an insecticide, miticide, and fungicide so that should take care of whatever it is.

Thanks goodness I became aware of this before I brought the tree inside for the winter. I doubt I would have been spraying an insecticide, miticide, and fungicide around in the kitchen. I have time to spray it two or three times out on the deck before the cold weather sets in. I would have sprayed it sooner but USPS made a lie and said the package was undeliverable on Sept 21 at 1:15 pm because no one was home. Which #1 was Sunday and #2 we were sitting very near the front door. I am not going to get worked up over this but really, online arrangements that don’t quite come off are exhausting me.

Secondly, little flower buds are busting out all over. Isn’t it wonderful?

buds and black spots

buds and black spots

Third, I have returned (truth: Sami has returned) all of the pots I brought home for the little lemon tree because I found the perfect pot of my dreams in Home Depot and here it is:



This pot suited my needs. The #1 criteria was that it should be lightweight so I don’t have to add the weight of a heavy pot when I wrestle it in and out of the house – only the weight of the dirt and tree itself and citrus potting mix is quite lightweight. This pot is some kind of composite material but  sturdy and not as heavy as real stone by far. #2 was it should be somewhat classy and non-offensive in design and #3 was that it should not cost a fortune. This one looks the appropriate type to have a tree growing out of it.

I was so happy to find this and to see that Home Depot can tell you not only that it was in stock at the nearest store, but also that is it located in the Outdoor Gardening department and then gives you the exact shelf location. But of course they are liars and there wasn’t single one of these pots anywhere in that store or in the next one that I went to because of the same deception. At the third store where the website says “quantities are limited”, I found 14 of them.

I must tell you that it is absolutely wearisome to be a consumer of goods in this day and age.



5 thoughts on “This Week In Lemon Trees

  1. You could probably use the neem oil inside without a problem (except for smell)- I was looking for something for my husband’s dandruff and came across it. Supposed to be effective for hair and scalp issues. We’ll see.

  2. I bought a pre-mixed bottle, ready to spray as is. I didn’t want to mess around mixing up my own solution, nor do I have a lot of trees that need a a spritz. If this works, I might expand to the rose beds next spring. They always have a bit of mold here and there.

  3. If the plant needs a spray while it’s indoors, move it into the bathtub so the spray is confined. My mom used to move her plants to the tub every once in a while and give them a shower to wash them!

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