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Now that it seems safe to assume that my little lemon tree has survived the neglect and torture of its early days with me, I am totally focused on its upcoming move indoors for the winter. I assure you that I have read every word the internet has to offer on how to be a successful steward of a container-grown Meyer Lemon Tree in Garden Zone 7A.

Take what you know about how thoroughly I can obsesses about vintage cocktail glasses or bedside table lamps and apply that to lemon trees and you will know what the last few weeks have been like around here. The decision about which citrus fertilizer to use was agonizing enough but when it came to choosing a new pot, I was practically paralyzed with indecision.

After a week+ of back and forthing, I finally settled on a 16″ lightweight stylish lime green creation. Because of the no-frills way I was raised, I was a bit uncomfortable with the design and had some lingering doubts about if I could live with something that was fancy instead of strictly utilitarian. So I took the pot out on the deck to place it next to the lemon tree for further consideration.


And it’s not bad but it’s also not final. I might still go around to a few places today to see what other options I have. But the pot is no longer my main focus. When I leaned down next to the tree to set up the pot, what do you suppose happened?

I won’t make you guess. The answer is I almost died.


Dudes, it’s the first flower bud.

11 thoughts on “! ! !”

      1. Me too. Though I think it would pay for itself when you sell and downsize to “The Villages” lifestyle. At least that’s what I keep pitching to hubby-dearest πŸ˜‰

  1. Your little bud just gave me goosebumps. As I said before, I’m counting on you to write up all your results (size of pot, type of fertilizer) etc. because I’m going to need all the help I can get when I get my own little indoor/outdoor citrus tree.

  2. Nothing like new life. I was so afraid you were going to say something was wrong. This is excellent news. You’re never too old for the greenhouse Denise recommended.

  3. The green pot reminds me of those freaky shows where people manipulate tubes of fabric around their bodies held in shape by huge slinky springs. You should get a blacklight.

  4. Well this is cause for celebration! I will toast to your honor with a Vodka Lemonade! One of my favorite no frills cocktails πŸ˜‰

  5. I’m not at all sure about these government-defined climate zones any more. Oh, they were fine back in the day before the Republicans ruined the climate, but now they change every month based on a White House press release.

    And NJ, because of its being sandwiched in between the ocean and the Appalachians, has always had a lot of variation. At my final job I think I commuted through at least three zones as I headed northwest.

    Last I heard Zone 7A stopped at one of the pumpkin patches in Colt’s Neck.

    Which reminds me, how’s that Pumpkin Tourist Traffic?

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