First They Came For The School Lunches

and I did not speak up because I didn’t buy school lunches. Then they came for the mothers…

This could have been an entirely different blog post if they had titled the article “Study find that home-cooking disproportionately burdens High Powered Executive Business Women.” I could have gladly agreed with that.

Stupid mothers! First you can’t even figure out what to feed your kids to keep them from becoming obese and now you have to waste everybody’s  valuable time “… preparing meals, only to be rewarded with family members’ complaints — or disinterest.”

Why even bother? The future is now! Why don’t we just have communal town suppers? Or maybe wait for the healthy food trucks to come rolling down suburban streets? Stupid mothers, you can save your  time money energy and focus by letting someone else worry about what your family members should eat and how it should be prepared. Someone who knows better than you, stupid mothers. Someone who will select, cook, deliver and monitor your family’s intake. Never mind who the recipients of these services will be or who will pay for them. That’s not the point.

And now that we’ve got the from each according to his ability part down, we can all move on to each according to his need. Phase III coming soon to a family near you:  How Much Food Does Grandma Really Need Anyway?

Footnote: Mothers with a Princeton and Harvard education who cannot figure out what to feed two little girls are not included in the definition of “stupid mother.”

7 thoughts on “First They Came For The School Lunches”

  1. “The traditional standards of “good mothering,” the team posits, demanded that mothers manage an unrealistic balance of their own time, money, energy and focus, all while catering to the desires of their families.”

    Consider my mind boggled.

  2. $10 a person – for what? 1 day? 1 meal? 1 opportunity to distance yourself from what the average American can afford to spend on feeding their children?

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