I Am Less Sure About Things Than I Used To Be

Last night, I found a big staple in my take-out potato salad. I wouldn’t mention except that this happened shortly after I had take-out chicken wings that still had some feathers on them.

Now the chicken wings came from a Chinese take-out place. I’ve had them before and they were very good. They weren’t your basic hot wing configuration with the  drumette separated from that other double bone part and then they have the nerve to tell you that you just ordered the 8-pc size implying that you got 8 wings when in reality you received only 4 wings total. No, the Chinese chicken wings are whole wings, coated and deep fried.

There are benefits to ordering your fried chicken wings from a Chinese take-out. First, they are on the “side order” menu, lumped randomly with other fried things like french fries and fried crab sticks. And they come 4 to an order so you don’t have to make a commitment to more wings than you want and that gives you latitude to get fried dumplings or a small lo mein as well. Also, there are a lot of items that your husband can order for his own dinner if he ever should ever want to order anything besides the Chicken with Broccoli combination dinner.

So one night when it was obvious that we missed the shoppping/cooking window for dinner preparation, we started wondering what we should eat for dinner and where should we get it from. I hadn’t had wings in a while so I was really looking forward to them. Sami says he didn’t see them but I sure did. White feathers on the edges of the wings. Maybe they were pin feathers but even so they were pretty sizeable, something like 3/4″ long. You would think that someone would have seen them when they coated them or when they put them into the fryer or when they took them out of the fryer. Pretty hard to miss.

And it just tuned me off of that place all together. We’ve tried other Chinese take-outs (but not for fried  chicken wings) and they haven’t been good for one reason or another. And Sami doesn’t mind going back to the same old place for himself because he didn’t actually see the feathers. But its ruined for me. I can never have take -out from that place again and I cannot even think about fried chicken wings without seeing those feathers in my mind’s eye.

A few weeks after this incident, Sami told the the place recently got a new owner and that fits the timeline for a likely new directive to find a cheaper meat supplier, hence the carelessly plucked chicken wings.

Last night, we were in that same old  missed the shoppping/cooking window for dinner preparation and so we decided to order BBQ ribs with small sides of cole slaw and potato salad. Not from the Chinese place, from Chicken Holiday. I always forget that BBQ ribs mean beef ribs, not dainty little pork ribs like you’d get from the Chinese place which you already know I cannot patronize anymore. Lucky for me or maybe not so lucky, the ribs were huge and super greasy and the sides were extra tangy in a way that I would never make if I were making them so I only ate about half of everything and when I was scraping the potato salad off my plate, I saw this very big staple emerge from the mayonnaise.

And so goodbye forever to Chicken Holiday.

So maybe I’ve been eating feathers and staples in take-out food all along. And my mother once told me she knew somebody who knew somebody who found a little green snake head in a bag of frozen green beans, so there’s that too. Must I give up my lazy life style of take-out food on the spur of the moment and return to home cooking in which I would be the cook? If any of you reading that last sentence think that is ever going to happen, then you are either a first-time reader, a big dreamer or a highly gullible individual.

It’s big problem.  I’m probably going to starve to death.



5 thoughts on “I Am Less Sure About Things Than I Used To Be

  1. Finding something in processed food wouldn’t be so bad, if it was wadded up hundred dollar bills, instead of staples, or feathers. That would at least pay for part of an emergency room visit; and if enough were found, you could buy something nice for yourself.

  2. After working for a cheese packing place to get through school it took me several years to be able to eat cheese again. My grandmother worked in a tomato cannery and told us if she were starving in a desert and someone air dropped a can of tomatoes and an opener she would go ahead and starve. I can relate to your dilemma. A good steak is hard to ruin.

  3. Libby’s fruit cocktail for me. After working at their cannery for two summers to help pay for school, I KNOW what goes into those cans. I have not eaten any fruit cocktail for over 40 years.

  4. Reminds me of the farmer whose chickens legendary in their tender deliciousness. One day a lady came to buy some and asked the farmer, “I’ve heard your chickens are so tender you can even eat the bones. Is that true?”
    “Yep,” he told her.
    As she drove away the farmer muttered to his wife, “You can eat the feathers if you want to.”

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