UPDATE: I’m sorry I ever started this. Who gave the internet a power boost so that they can start bombarding you with ads, manipulating your searches and offering comparisons to “blogs like you”. TAKE NOTE – I am in no way similar to any blog run by a person who would choose “mama” as part of her blog name. This includes thrifty mamas, vegan mamas, fitness mamas and toddler mamas who insist on flooding the internet with pictures of their less weird-looking children.  I realize there’s not many actual blogs to choose from these days, let alone similar ones, but let’s not be insulting.


Dear Chocolate  Lovers of the Word,

Must you ruin everything? Here I am innocently googling up recipes for candied orange slices and you have to insert your self by forcing your agenda into every possible nook and cranny on the internet? I’m glad you found something that you love so much but did you ever think that your intrusive actions might not be welcome?Is it completely unimaginable to you that not everyone shares your taste?I recognize that I am in the minority on this one, and a small minority it is but have some mercy will you?

Looking forward to a world with less chocolate aggression in it … Suzette


Here’s your googlei mages page for candied orange slices. Can’t you just leave us alone even once in a while?


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  1. Hmmmm. . . Organge and chocolate? YUMMY! Do you realize what you’re missing? 🙂 PS – Don’t fear the interwebs. Let them do their thing and ignore most of it. I think that’s what most of us do.

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