How’s It Going, Suzette?

Last evening a bird pooped on my head while I was outside enjoying my post-workday beverage. (A post-workday  beverage, I wish to inform my non-Instagram followers,  which can no longer be served in my favorite vintage glassware.)

This morning, I was out in the backyard in my leopard bedroom slippers and I stepped in dog poop.

So how’s it going? Pretty poopy.


4 thoughts on “How’s It Going, Suzette?

  1. I would love for you to share your cocktail recipes – I rather enjoyed the gin/lillet cocktail you wrote about some time ago, but have misplaced the paper I wrote the ingredients down on.

    I also followed your lead and found some suitable cocktail glasses at a local consignment shop, but my set of 5 is now a duo due to unfortunate events occurring around my makeshift ‘bar’ area in my kitchen. sigh.

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