Saturday Morning Live

It was 8 am when I started this post. Just the start of Saturday, the point when all things are possible.  I am the master of my own destiny and there’s so much to choose from! I have time to vacuum up the dog hair, scrub the filthy kitchen, pull weeds or just go hog wild and leave the house all together and just roam around. Freedom!

I can do anything big or small. I can just spin this chair around 180 degrees and take a crack at the pile of folded laundry on the daybed and that the things that came out of my suitcase when I emptied it from my last trip. I could go downstairs and make myself a liverwurst and onion sandwich for breakfast. I can do anything.

But we’ve been here before and you know how this goes. I’m just going to sit here and read blogs and cruise around eBay and then it will be time for my customary Saturday nap.

Here is something. It’s a then and now look at my new flowerbed.

The dream and the beginning. May 26, 2014
Three months later: the lush fulfillment. August 23, 2014

It’s been wildly successful which surprises me no end. When I started this project in late spring, the bed was filled with the crappiest, sandiest dirt imaginable. But I planned and planted and then used PlantTone, an organic fertilizer apparently made from feathers but which has attracted earthworms for me before. I mulched everything with a thick layer of shredded pine bark and kept it watered. And it worked!

Also I had a really great new hose nozzle from Kmart that allowed me to stand inside the backyard fence and give this bed as much water as it needed without exposing my nightgowned early-morning self to the paperboy and productive neighbors going off to work.

There’s more good news in this current photo. You’ll note a limp and dying portulaca draped over the brick edging in the lower right hand corner. It is dying because it got tromped during a visit from the local gang of adolescent deer. Which tells me that every flowering plant that I selected for this bed is of no interest to hungry deer. If they were, they’d be chewed down to the roots.

So I’ve got the right elements there – I just need to dial it back a bit and make some layout adjustments for next year. That little resin pigeon obviously cannot hold its own against such abundant vegetation so I might replace it with one of my chicken planters in the spring.

And there we are. It’s 9:30 now. Still plenty of time to vacuum. As if.


7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Live”

  1. The bed is beautiful!! And if I haven’t done anything constructive by 2:00p, I call the day. It’s over, I can relax. And the older I become, the earlier the limit…

  2. Don’t you love it when things come together the way they were planned? I used to have that feeling often, but now it’s rare and surprising.
    You badass gardener! Is that an appropriate usage? Maybe badass is only used for weapons.

  3. Very nice! My flower beds have been completely neglected this summer due to the fact that we are now good friends with a couple that have a boat on the local lake. And boy spending the whole weekend out in the sun boating/drinking just drains the energy right out of you 😉

  4. I would love to know the names of the deer resistant plants. I had luck this year with begonias and heliopsis not being eaten by those giant pests. Your flowerbed is beautiful.

    1. This is what I put in this bed:
      red-leaved pink begonias
      dusty miller
      day lilies
      Blur Carpet sedum
      English lavender

      I don’t know if any of these plants would call themselves deer-resistant, but Sami did see a pack of young deer walking around right next to this bed, and the fact that nothing got eaten is good enough for me.

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